What does LAREAC stand for ? 

The Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Coalition

What is the Purpose of LREAC?

The purpose is to monitor and affect the regulation of the appraisal         profession through legislation, education and communication.

        LAREAC was created with a sense of urgency. As we enter a new age, there are troubling signs that adverse forces have aligned and are working against the continuation of an evolving professional appraisal community in service to the consumer. Recent events have and will continue to create havoc in the marketplace. These events threaten the financial security of professional appraisers in our state. These policies and programs are very damaging to consumers who depend on reliable and responsible service.

What We Do?

  • LAREAC will act as an ADVOCATE and as the voice of the appraiser in Louisiana. 
  • WE CONNECT like-minded individuals who are expressing their discontent with the direction that the Appraiser profession is heading.
  • WE INFORM you about legislative and administrative actions in Louisiana and Washington. Our task is to provide you with current, accurate, reliably-sourced and relevant information and to take action that matters.
  • WE SUPPORT EDUCATION and a well-educated membership. We have a commitment to promote and support Louisiana educators, local appraiser groups and the Louisiana Chapter of national appraiser groups who provide high quality continuing education.

 Founding Coalition Officers   Founding Coalition Board Members 
Joseph A. Mier- Residential Appraiser

Wayne Pugh- Commercial Appraiser


Robert Williams- Residential Appraiser

Bill Kipf, Residential Appraiser

Heidi Lee- 1st District 

Lee Eaton- 2nd District 

Vacant- 3rd District 

David Volentine - 4th  District 

Ed Jones- 5th District

Mitch Kapoulas- 6th District

Roland Hall - Board Member at Large

Vacant- Board Member at Large

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